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For MACH / Title Bars and Lettering (Vinyl)

Please email me quantity, text (any size requirements?) and color (plus sparkle or solid).
Please also let me know a specific font, or a description (i.e. script, fancy, block, etc).
If you want any "extras" like stripes, hearts, paw prints, silhouettes, etc.
Please also let me know what size bar (diameter) you will be applying the decals on.

If you are interested in a bar, please also include the color of the bar, whether you would like ribbons in the end caps, and a description of the bar or an idea of what you are looking for, a theme you are trying to stick with, etc.

Decorated white bars start at $55.
Decorated color bars start at $65.
Ribbons in the end caps are +$25 (includes both caps).
Shipping is usually around $15 (USPS Priority Mail with Insurance).

For Photo Car Decals

Please email me with the photo you would like to use, or if possible - several photos for me to choose from, letting me know your order of preference. The best photos are side profile shots where the dog is clearly distinguished from the rest of the image.

Please also let me know the approximate size you are looking for. Sparkle colors are rated for up to 5 year outdoor durability and the solid colors are rated for up to 6 year outdoor durability.

Photo car decals are typically around $15 for the decal (if approx. 5x7 or 4x6),
and $30 for the photo conversion. The photo conversion is a one time fee.

We can do decals up to 12" in one direction and almost unlimited the other direction.

For Vinyl Magnets

Please email me with the shape you would like the magnet, approximate size, and color. Sparkle colors are rated for up to 5 year outdoor durability and the solid colors are rated for up to 6 year outdoor durability.

For Other Projects

Please email me with the product you are looking at and what you are thinking you would like on it, or what you are looking to do, and we can discuss further!

We try to have these in stock, but may temporarily be out of a color due to other orders.
Please also note that the colors may look different due to your monitor's settings.

Bar Colors:
White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Violet

Solid Vinyl Colors:
White, Black, Dark Grey, Light Yellow, Red, Dark Red
Violet, Lavendar, Lilac, Soft Pink, Pink
Turquoise, Lime-Tree Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brilliant Blue
Metallics (Silver Grey, Gold, Copper), Brown, Light Brown

Sparkle/Glitter Vinyl Colors:
Cherry Red, Orange, Yellow, Emerald Green, Light Blue, Dark/Royal Blue,
Violet (Lavender), Purple, Raspberry (Reddish Purple),
Florescent Orange, Florescent Pink (Hot Pink),
Florescent Yellow, Florescent Green (Lime Green),
Silver, Gold, Black

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